Loquis: Chiesa della Santissima Trinità

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Chiesa della Santissima Trinità


Published on:  2018-11-14 19:23:36

  Notes of art in Lombardy

The church of the Holy Trinity is the triumph of Baroque architecture. Built between 1737 and 1740 on the area of ​​a previous church by the architect Andrea Nono, it has the distinction of having two almost equal facades, perpendicular to each other, of great scenographic effect. Both double-edged, are crossed by large pilasters decorated with refined capitals, animated by decorative niches and enlivened by frames and curved pediments that follow each other. The façade on via twentieth september is flanked by the mighty bell tower that gives impetus to the entire building, involved by the fantasy of lines and curves that animates the rest. The internal architecture of the church is enlivened and sinuous, enlivened by the apse frescoes. and of the vault, from the orients of the pilasters that together create a great variety of colors.

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