Loquis: Villa Contarini Giovanelli-Venier

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Villa Contarini Giovanelli-Venier


Published on:  2018-07-23 17:21:09

  Musei d’Italia

The complex is one of the highest examples of urban planning organized on the system of a Venetian villa. Between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries a branch of the great Venetian family of Contarini acquired large estates in the western side of the Euganean Hills including the medieval castle of Nina. The building has a tripartite square plan with the overlapping rooms at the center and the rooms on the sides and an internal staircase; a low ground floor of service that serves to "detach" from the ground the two high noble floors, one superimposed on the other and architecturally differentiated and finally an attic floor for the servants.

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