Loquis: Casa Museo Puicher s’Kottlars

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Casa Museo Puicher s’Kottlars


Published on:  2018-07-23 17:21:08

  Musei d’Italia

The house complex Puicher s'Kottlars is an interesting example of a simple-form house with an adjoining barn-barn, referable to the second quarter of the nineteenth century. Entering the corridor (labe), which according to the traditional system crosses the building from east to west, on the first floor is the kitchen (kuchl), blackened by the smoke of the open hearth (heart or offns vair) that smoked the food hanging on the smokehouse (eisn) at the ceiling; a completely different atmosphere can be felt in the dining room (kòschtibe), where the wooden cladding insulated the heat of the vaulted brick stove (kòchlouvn), placed in the corner and fed through a special opening in the corridor (ouvnloch).

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