Loquis: Museo d'Arte Moderna "M. Rimoldi"

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Museo d'Arte Moderna "M. Rimoldi"


Published on:  2018-07-23 17:21:08

  Musei d’Italia

The museum houses a collection of works by contemporary painters, collected by Mario Rimoldi from 1923. The paintings by De Pisis, De Chirico, Depero, Guttuso, Tosi, Tomea, Campigli, Cesetti, Rosai and Morandi are on display. The Church of Cortina and the French Soldier of de Pisis, the Bathers of Carena, the Squero di San Travaso of Semeghini, the Zolfara of Guttuso, the San Sebastiano di Garbari, the Ile des charmes of Savinio and the Campigli concert.

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