Loquis: Palazzo Vertemarte Franchi

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Palazzo Vertemarte Franchi


Published on:  2018-07-23 17:21:07

  Musei d’Italia

It was built around the middle of the 16th century at the expense of the brothers Guglielmo and Luigi Vertemate Franchi in the locality of Cortinaccio in the hamlet of Prosto, on the opposite slope compared to the center of Piuro, which was buried by a landslide in 1618 with its thousand of inhabitants. The severe external architecture, probably due to Ticinese masters, correspond to two large halls and various rooms, all frescoed with mythological scenes, with richly carved and inlaid ceilings and walls. The date 1577 is inlaid in the lining of the first room on the right of the mezzanine floor, known as Giunone or the Udienze.

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