Loquis: Tesoro della Collegiata di San Lorenzo

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Tesoro della Collegiata di San Lorenzo


Published on:  2018-07-23 17:21:07

  Musei d’Italia

The museum is developed in three rooms according to the age of the present works. The most significant work is the "Peace of Chiavenna", one of the most important medieval silver pieces in Europe. Its function was that of the cover of the Gospel and of Peace, or liturgical instrument offered for the kiss to the faithful before the Communion. Its name derives instead from a gold engraving that is inside it. It is composed of 23 gold plates on a walnut table, elegant rabeschi, 16 hard stone mosaics, 17 filigree rosettes with 94 pearls and 97 gems (including some cameos) and 4 cantilever bas-reliefs with the symbols of the Evangelists.

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