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Vijzelgracht metro station


Published on:  2018-09-24 17:22:22


Vijzelgracht metro station (Dutch: Station Vijzelgracht) is a station on the Route 52 (North–South Line) of the Amsterdam Metro in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was opened on 22 July 2018. Vijzelgracht is an underground station situated in the Weteringschans neighbourhood of the Amsterdam-Centrum borough. The station, designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects, is situated beneath the Vijzelstraat between Prinsengracht and Weteringschans in the former Vijzelgracht canal that was dammed in 1933. The station has a 125 metre-long island platform, approximately 9 metres wide. There are two entrances, the north entrance near the Maison Descartes and the south entrance near Weteringplantsoen. The south entrance also serves the tram lines 1, 7, 19 (east–west) and 24 (north–south). The station lies 26 metres below street level and is expected to handle a number of 22,000 passengers and passengers per day.The platform is accessible by both lift and escalator. The station is future-proofed for a possible parking structure which would be located at the south entrance. It is also future-proofed for a long-proposed East–West metro line that would be built 11 metres below street level under either the Singelgracht or Weteringschans, with the line running over the North–South tunnel and under the south ticket hall.

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