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Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam


Published on:  2018-09-24 17:20:38


Content in this edit is translated from the existing Dutch Wikipedia article at nl:Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam; see its history for attribution. The Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam, shortly MLA, is a school in Amsterdam Zuid. It was the first Montessori secondary school in the world.The school is a lyceum with the directions vwo (atheneum and gymnasium), havo and vmbo-t.The school is part of the Montessori Scholengemeenschap Amsterdam, or MSA, which encompasses five schools: Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam, Montessori College Oost, IVKO School, the Cosmicus Montessori Lyceum and Amstellyceum.The schools main entrance is located on Pieter de Hoochstraat. The school comprises four main buildings and one building across the road. The school is the largest of the "MSA" schools, it has 1526 students and 137 teachers.Students at the Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam work with a special system for doing their school work. There are periods of nine weeks called a "blok". In this period, pupils need to complete a set amount of homework. Each year has four "blokken".

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