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Altmünster Abbey


Published on:  2018-10-01 15:12:00


Altmünster Abbey was a Benedictine monastery on the Plateau Altmünster, between the Fishmarket and Clausen areas of Luxembourg City. It founded in 1083 by Conrad I, Count of Luxembourg as a private monastery and a religious centre of his county. The monastery school later received a monopoly on education in the city of Luxembourg and its catchment area reached up to the County of Bar. The children were taught the French and German languages, amongst other things. Up until the reign of Henry IV all the Counts of Luxembourg were buried here. Charles IV revived this tradition and built a monumental tomb here for his father, John of Bohemia. The destruction of the abbey was probably ordered by the French king Francis I, who occupied the city on 11 September 1543 during the Italian War. The Benedictines then moved to the Hospice of Saint John, until a new abbey opened in 1606 under the abbot Petrus Roberti, not far from the old one in the Grund area. The original monastery (münster) thus became the Altmünster, and the new one became Neumünster Abbey.

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