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National Museum of History and Art


Published on:  2018-10-01 15:48:00


The MNHA is dedicated to displaying artworks and artefacts from all epochs of Luxembourg history. The museum is situated in Fishmarket, the historic heart of the city, in the Ville Haute quarter. The first proposal for such a museum was made during the French occupation of the Revolutionary Wars, when Luxembourg was annexed into the département of Forêts. However, the museum was never opened, despite the expropriation of a number of artefacts from the church. With the affirmation of Luxembourg's independence under the 1839 Treaty of London came a greater interest by native Luxembourgers in promoting the history of their country. In 1845, historians and archaeologists formed the 'Society for the Study and Preservation of Historic Monuments in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg', regularly known as the 'Archaeological Society'. The society took over the responsibility of maintaining a collection of historic antiquities from Luxembourg City's Athenaeum. The museum has been expanded with a new building designed by Christian Bauer et Associés, opened in 2002.

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