Loquis: Musée Dräi Eechelen

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Musée Dräi Eechelen


Published on:  2018-10-01 15:07:00


The Three Acorns Museum opened in July 2012 in the fully restored 18th-century Fort Thüngen. Some 600 artefacts in the permanent exhibition illustrate the history of the city and country of Luxembourg from the Burgundian conquest in 1443 to the construction of the Adolphe Bridge in 1903. They are exhibited in a series of casemates (or underground galleries), six of which cover specific periods from the medieval fortress to the height of the city's development in 1903. Two further casemates house a multimedia room and a series of photographs illustrating the city and the fortress in the 19th century. With its striking underground galleries and passageways, the building itself forms an important part of the permanent exhibition. It has been restored to reflect the last phase of its original expansion in 1837.

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