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The Jewish Museum of Rome


Published on:  2019-02-22 18:06:00

  Kosher Life

Rome hosts one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world whose history is closely intertwined with the events of the Roman Catholic church and the papacy, which over the centuries has played both a protector and a persecutor against Roman Jews. Culturally rich and lively, distributed throughout the city, the Roman Jewish community still has its center of gravity in a small patch of land close to the Tiber River where Jewish ancestors were confined at the behest of Pope John the fourth: the Ghetto. It is in the ghetto, a district full of history, that the Jewish Museum of Rome is located, a small jewel housed in the monumental complex of the Tempio Maggiore, open since 1960 to preserve the testimonies of the Jewish Community of Rome. In its 700 square meters are exposed about 400 Roman silvers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, almost 1000 precious fabrics from all over Europe, casts, marbles and illuminated parchments that tell the story of Roman Jews.

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