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The Boccione Bakery


Published on:  2018-08-13 22:54:00

  Kosher Life

At via del Portico d'Ottavia 1, we find a small bakery, which produces some of the best sweets in Rome. Known not only by the Roman Jews, thanks to word of mouth and the signal of numerous gastronomic guides, it is so famous that it did not have to put a sign on the shop. The bakery desserts are those of the ancient Jewish tradition, strictly kòsher. There is always the line to grab a ration of sweet kosher: biscuits, croissants, brioches, pies, macaroons. The gastronomic offer is relatively limited and constant because it varies according to the times of the day and the religious year, but it never diverges from the Jewish tradition. The most popular product is the tart of ricotta and marmalade of sour cherries but also the Jewish pizza collects enthusiastic praise. The uniqueness of Boccione lies precisely in the antiquity of its confectionery recipes, which have been handed down orally since the Middle Ages, from member to member of the Boccione family. Closed on Sathurday.

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