Loquis: Library Gallery The Louvre Museum

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Library Gallery The Louvre Museum


Published on:  2018-08-13 21:51:00

  Kosher Life

At via della Reginella 8a, beyond the Synagogue, it is possible to visit the Louvre Museum, a suggestive fusion between an antique bookshop and an art gallery, as its name also playsfully. The library takes inspiration from the wunderkammer, the rooms of wonders, made by rich and cultured collectors from all over Europe, from the Middle Ages to the 18th century. The wunderkammer collected curious, extravagant and rare objects that could amaze and impress the visitors' imagination. Like the original wunderkammer, so too The Louvre Museum amazes visitors with a rich miscellany of books, posters, objects and rare and original photographs of the twentieth century. Especially lovers of vintage photography, but also all lovers of books, antiques or simply those who want to wonder, will appreciate this extravagant bookstore that often hosts exhibitions of art and photograph.

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