Loquis: The ancient synagogue of vicolo of the athlete

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The ancient synagogue of vicolo of the athlete


Published on:  2019-02-03 17:57:11

  Kosher Life

After the Roman age, the oldest residential nucleus of Trastevere gathered around Piazza in Piscinula. The Jewish community, before his move on the left bank of the Tiber, founded many synagogues, among which was identified with certainty this in Vicolo of the Athlete 13, founded by the lexicologist , Ben Nathan Jechiel (1035-1106), situated in this beautiful medieval house, with arcaded loggia. On the base of the central column, Hebrew characters carved in marble are still visible. The ancient name, vicolo of Palms, seems to derive from the fact that some palm trees had been planted in memory of Judea. During his long centuries of life, this house has undergone the most diverse destinations, was a synagogue, a convent, a furnace, a private house, a warehouse, and now is a restaurant at which you can visit the underground, whose floor level is the same as the period of the Roman republic. The restaurant is not kòsher.

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