Loquis: Church of San Salvatore, Campi

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Church of San Salvatore, Campi


Published on:  2018-09-07 15:29:00


The Church of San Salvatore (Italian: Chiesa di San Salvatore), also known as the pieve di Santa Maria, was a Roman Catholic church in Campi, a frazione in the comune of Norcia, Italy. Its existence is first documented in the 11th century, when it was a Benedictine church dedicated to Saint Mary. The church was rebuilt in the 14th century, and it was enlarged again in the late 15th century. At this point, the Benedictines gave up the church and it was rededicated to the Holy Saviour. The church was an example of Romanesque architecture, and its interior was richly decorated with frescoes. The building collapsed due to damage sustained in the October 2016 Central Italy earthquakes, and only part of the perimeter wall and a pile of rubble have survived.

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