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gallery of Hebrew letters


Published on:  2018-07-27 22:43:00

  Kosher Life

when we reach Reginella street 25, we find ourselves at the front of Gabriele Levi's art gallery. continuing to the right of the gallery, you will arrive at piazza mattei, with its turtle fountain. instead, going left, we will arrive at the square that houses the restaurants kosher. Reginella street is a way of much passage. but let's see the gallery. on the outside we have a picture with all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, each letter has a name, a sound, a numerical value and has its meaning. At the entrance there is a display case with wall jewels, they are made of real gold leaf, the rings and pendants with the Hebrew letters. Entering, you can see at the back of the gallery a large image of the kotèl, the western wall of Jerusalem, that is made with many small photographs of people. From the back, walking towards the entrance door, hung on the walls, you can see the works depicting 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Jewish music accompanies our visit

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