Loquis: Galla Placidia, Una donna tra due mondi

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Galla Placidia, Una donna tra due mondi


Published on:  2018-03-19 10:00:00

  Streets of Rome

Roman born, enslaved by the Visigoths and then their queen after her marriage to Ataulfo, she attempted a reconciliation between the two worlds, the Roman one and the barbarian one but without success. At the death of Ataulfo ​​she returned to Rome and married the Emperor Constantius, excellent general and colleague of his brother, the Augustus Honorius, but the death of his wife was followed by a rapid deterioration of relations with the emperor, and Galla had to take refuge with her two sons in Constantinople. Following the death of Honorius in the West an usurper came to the throne, Galla returned to the West with the help of the eastern army, deposed the usurper and placed his young son Valentinian on the throne, for which he was regent. In the twelve years he reigned over the Roman Empire West, Galla had to deal with the confrontation between three powerful and influential generals, Costanzo Felice, Bonifacio and Ezio.After the latter emerged victorious, Galla hindered his influence on Valentinian. Last years were altered by the management of the turbulent daughter Onoria and by her involvement in religious affairs: she was a fervent Christian, intransigent towards the last expressions of Paganism.

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