Loquis: Servilia un'amante perpetua

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Servilia un'amante perpetua


Published on:  2019-07-31 12:48:00

  Streets of Rome

Servilia was a Roman noblewoman, she was a lover of Gaius Julius Caesar and mother of the Caesaricide Marcus Junius Brutus Servilia belonged to one of the most influential Roman patrician families, her mother, Livia, daughter of Marcus Livio Druso. In 98 she divorced from Cepione and married Marcus Porcio Cato.On their marriage two more children were born: the famous Marcus Porcio Cato, called Uticense and Porcia, half-brothers of Servilia. Soon both mother and stepfather lost their lives and Servilia was raised and educated in the house of her uncle, Marcus Livio Druso, together with Catone and Porcia. Before she turned fortheen, Servilia married Marcus Junius Brutus, and from their marriage was born Marcus Junius Brutus, the future Caesaricide.One or two years later, Servilia married Decimus Junius Silano, praetor and consul in 62 with Lucius Licinius Murena. They had three daughters and his mother tried to get them a suitable marriage: Giunia Terzia or Tertulla married Gaio Cassius Longinus, the cesaricide. Caesar and Servilia became lovers for twenty years at an early age. Thanks to Plutarch, we learn how the love between Caesar and Servilia was in the public domain.

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