Loquis: Via Clelia l'eroina

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Via Clelia l'eroina


Published on:  2018-03-18 13:59:00

  Streets of Rome

Porsenna, Etruscan lucumone of Chiusi, was an ally of the Tarquins and at the end of the siege of Rome, captured her but the girl escaped from the Etruscan camp, crossed the Tiber by swimming and reached Rome Porsenna claimed her restitution and was satisfied. Admiring her courage, he freed her along with some of her companions.The legend has it that Clelia was handed over to Porsenna as a peace pledge. She was a rebellious girl and then sought an expedient to escape from the Etruscan encampment, crossing the Tiber by swimming. In Rome, Porsenna learned that she had escaped and demanded her to return, so that the Romans returned the girl, whom the Etruscan king not only protected, but honored, allowing her to choose the other hostages who were supposed to keep her company and Clelia He pointed to some adolescents like her: once the peace was over, the Romans immortalized the girl’s gesture of extreme courage with an equestrian statue on top of the Via Sacra, there is no trace. Instead she was named this way.

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