Loquis: Piazza Santa Caterina della Rota

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Piazza Santa Caterina della Rota


Published on:  2019-12-05 12:02:00

  Streets of Rome

It takes its name from the homonymous church that stands there, Santa Caterina della Rota dedicated to the holy native of Alexandria in Egypt and martyred in the fourth century for not wanting to deny its Christian faith. The emperor Maximian The Second decreed that it was crushed by a toothed wheel (hence the name of « the Rota ») but the instrument of torture miraculously broke and the saint was then beheaded: the legend wants an angel to have taken away and laid on Mount Sinai. The day of the feast of the saint, November 25, officially marked the beginning of winter and a special function took place in this church, while in the city were worn heavy clothing, the wood was lit in the chimneys, they put the mats on the stairs and the biferari came, creating the particular and evocative Christmas atmosphere with an exact month in advance.

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