Loquis: Via di Santa Balbina

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Via di Santa Balbina


Published on:  2018-02-19 19:56:00

  Streets of Rome

About Balbina, which gives the name to these places, among the most beautiful of the Aventine, you do not have many certain news. According to the tradition, he had been baptized by Pope Alexander the First with his father, the Tribune Remi, converted to Christianity. Ammalatasi was severely brought by the pontiff who was then imprisoned and healed. Of noble extraction was asked several times in the bride but was always faithful to his vow of virginity. Arrested together with the father by order of the Emperor Hadrian was decapitated after long torture. Some images represent it while holding a chain. It would be in fact cured by sore throats touching the chains that kept imprisoned Pope Alexander the First.

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