Loquis: Piazza di Sant'Anastasia

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Piazza di Sant'Anastasia


Published on:  2019-12-05 11:55:00

  Streets of Rome

Just behind the Circus Maximus is this square dedicated to the Christian martyr of the fourth century. Anastasia was born in Rome to a patrician family, probably the gens Anicia; her father was a senator, her mother was a christian. According to a late legend, Anastasia was a tutor Crisogono of Aquileia. She married, but her husband Publius opposed her charitable activities and segregated her into the house. After the death of Publius he arrived at Sirmium in Illyria, where he carried out his work of commitment to assist the persecuted Christians, especially by treating those in prison. Discovered his faith, was tried and, having refused to abjure Christianity, was burnt alive, according to tradition, on December 25, 304, during the last persecution of Christians by the emperor Diocletian.

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