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via giovanni de agostini


Published on:  2018-03-10 10:47:00

  Streets of Rome

This street, where there is also the Commissariat of Porta Maggiore, is dedicated to the great publisher, geographer and cartographer Italian, founder of the homonymous publishing house. Born to Lorenzo and Caterina Antoniotti, elder brother of the explorer of Patagonia Alberto Maria, Giovanni was one of the renewing of cartography in Italy. In June 1901 he founded the Italian Geographic Institute in Rome. He published a school atlas as the first volume. In 1904 he started the publication of the Atlas de Agostini calendar, an agile volume that contained geographic news combined with the annual calendar, which subsequently received great success. In 1908 De Agostini left Rome and moved the institute's headquarters to Novara, Viale Roma. In 1919 he ceded the property of the Geographic Institute he founded to Marco Adolfo Boroli and Cesare Angelo Rossi.

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