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via pomponio mela


Published on:  2018-02-19 10:36:00

  Streets of Rome

Narrow, in all directions, between Piazza Tolomeo and Oiazza Copernico, there is a small street dedicated to this geographer and roman writer.  That of the Pomponius Mela is the oldest preserved geographical work of Latin literature. Pomponius Mela was born, most likely, to the maximum limit of the world known to the Times, or the Pillars of Hercules, and seems to undergo this fascination for the unknown world, the remote and little-known places. In fact, the work, according to a taste for mythic fables and for the facts and the extraordinary things, defines what may be the boundaries of the Earth by describing the most distant places: taking as a reference point the Mediterranean and starting from Gibraltar follows in the sense anticlockwise a description of the Oikumene, that is, of the places inhabited in particular those along the coasts and treats more summarily the internal territories.

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