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via Cristoforo Buondelmonti


Published on:  2018-02-19 10:33:00

  Streets of Rome

In this clove of Pigneto, where once was Villa Serventi, the streets are dedicated Prevalentementea geographers and cartographers. As well as Christopher Buondelmonti, geographer and christian monk, an Italian scholar of ancient civilizations. Buondelmonti belonged to an important noble family, extinct in the eighteenth century, which had developed in the Val di Greve and which, owner of the castle of Montebuoni and of agricultural funds in Valdipesa, had a dense relationship with the Orient. From 1414 to 1430 Buondelmonti went to the most important places of Greek civilization crossing the Aegean Sea and visiting Rhodes, Crete, Cyprus, the Hellespont, Constantinople. The fruit of these long voyages were works of very important historical-geographical content.

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