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piazza Nicolò Copernico


Published on:  2018-02-19 10:30:00

  Streets of Rome

At the center of this square there is an arena, in fact an old farmhouse of the times when here was the whole country, where it is said to have slept also Giuseppe Garibaldi. Returning to place names, this square is named to one of the most famous astronomers in history, famous for having contributed definitively to the assertion of the heliocentric theory. Niccolò Copernicus was a clergyman, a jurist, a governor, an astrologer and a doctor his theory, which proposes the sun at the center of the system of orbits of the planets components of the solar system, takes again the Greek one of Aristarchus of Samos of the heliocentrism, the Theory opposed to geocentrism, which instead wanted the earth to the center of the system. So he was not the first to formulate the idea, already expressed by the Greeks, but the first to prove it strictly through mathematical procedures.

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