Loquis: via Adriano Balbi

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via Adriano Balbi


Published on:  2018-02-19 10:22:00

  Streets of Rome

Here was born the project Loquis, in a typical cottage of the thirties. This road is dedicated to the great Italian geographer and statistician of the nineteenth century. The son of a governor of the island of Veglia, Adriano Balbi debuted in Venice with the text « Political-geographic prospectus of the current state of the world ». But the book that gave him international fame was the « Compendium of Geography », whose second edition was published in 1819 and then updated several times. This work was noted for the novelty of the setting, as well as for the abundance and the accuracy of the information, and soon became a classic, so much so that it was translated, in an expanded form, in the main languages of Europe.

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