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Via Riccio da Parma


Published on:  2018-02-19 20:08:00

  Streets of Rome

This street, like other streets of the Pigneto, is dedicated to a leader. This is Domenico de’ Marenghi, better known as Riccio da Parma, one of the thirteen Italians who fought against as many Frenchmen in the historic challenge of Barletta in 1503. His name of Knight comes from his father who died at the Battle of Fornovo of 1495. Riccio fought alongside Bartolomeo Colleoni, the Colonna, the Gonzagas. In 1521 he participated in the defense of Parma besieged by the French and Venetian troops, as testified by Francesco Guicciardini, at the time Governor special of the city. He was among those who successfully defended the strategic bastion of Andella (near the county of the region), repeatedly assaulted by the French. For this reason, Riccio was granted a generous annuity. He could enjoy it for a short time, because he died after two years, most likely nipped by a plague epidemic.

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