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piazza Fiammetta


Published on:  2019-07-30 12:35:00

  Streets of Rome

In a « holy city » as the Pontifical Rome was qualified, it can still wonder that a square has been dedicated to a courtesan. and ´ the case of Piazza Fiammetta, a sort of square on the current via Zanardelli, at the corner of Via degli Acquasparta, near via dei Coronari, a road that was once beaten by pilgrims heading to St. Peter's and the « Paternostrari », the sellers of Crowns and Sacred images, to which it owes its name. In the sign of, therefore, of sacred and profane. Fiammetta was the first great courtesan of Rome, forerunner of those « women of pleasure » that from the end of the fifteenth century flow in Mass in the city, so much to have it qualify « Terra de donne », a triumph of lust in the city « Santa ».

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