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via Luigi Pianciani


Published on:  2018-02-17 21:42:00

  Streets of Rome

Street dedicated to one of the first mayors of Rome operating after the unification of Italy, between 1872 and 1874, when he resigned because in contrast to the newly elected city council. In this capacity he supported, among other things, the construction of a crematorium at the Verano Cemetery, which was for a long time one of the pretexts of clashes between clerical and anti-clerical, in common. It took quite some time, but the battle was won, and when Count Pianciani died in Spoleto, in 1890, his body, like that of his friend Luigi Castellazzo, was cremated, and the ashes laid at the Verano, as he had requested. Between 1872 and 1874 on the initiative of Pianciani were installed the first public fountains of Rome, cylinders in high cast iron just over a metre with three torches to make the water flow. The first were installed at the Piazza della Rotonda, in via delle tre cannelle and in via San Teodoro.

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