Loquis: piazza Lauro De Bosis

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piazza Lauro De Bosis


Published on:  2018-02-20 18:23:00

  Streets of Rome

To tell the « patron» of this square, one could start from his love for literature for which he won a silver medal at the Amsterdam Olympics of 1928 (because then he competed in artistic subjects as well as sports), but perhaps more for his Anti-fascist literary activity. He died during the propaganda company with the famous flight over Rome of 1931, in which, surprising the efficient aeronautical direction commanded by the fascist hierarch Italo B., launched on the capital thousands of anti-fascist posters praising to freedom and To the fight against the regime. On the way back to Marseille, the airplane on which he travelled disappeared into the sea, probably fell and inabissatosi for lack of fuel.

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