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via Conte di Carmagnola


Published on:  2018-02-16 13:44:00

  Streets of Rome

This street is dedicated to Francesco da Bussone called the Carmagnola but also count of Carmagnola. It was his credit for having given military dignity to the soldiers of Fortune. When Milan was in revolt for the killing of Giovanni Maria Visconti, the Carmagnola noticed and was an excellent adviser to Filippo Maria, uncertain and fearful, freeinged by the relatives who aspired to the lordship and winning Estore Visconti in Monza in 1413.  In December of 1425 the war between Milan and Venice had erupted and the Carmagnola distinguished itself in alternating events, both for its leadership and for those of diplomatic. The resumption of hostilities marked the beginning of the misfortunes of Carmagnola, which was decapitated between the two columns of San Todaro and San Marco. Alessandro Manzoni was inspired by his figure for his first tragedy, the Earl of Carmagnola (1820): Like his contemporaries, he had no doubts about the innocence of the leader.

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