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via Guglielmo degli Ubertini


Published on:  2018-02-16 13:39:00

  Streets of Rome

Another leader is at the base of the topònimo of this road, but this time also a Catholic bishop in Italy in 1200. He came from a noble family who had directed him to an ecclesiastical career, when he was elected Bishop of Arezzo was archdeacon of the Cathedral. at the second Council of Lyons and welcomed in Arezzo the Pope Gregory the Tenth tired and sick while he was returning to Rome from that Council.The Pope died in the city where he also held the conclave.It was also a politician and condottiero, and did not disdain the use He forced a disagreement with the monastery of Camàldoli to have the monks beat by his soldiers, and he chose the Ghibelline part most likely to try to maintain the independence of Arezzo and not for real political conviction. Ghibelline at the Battle of Campaldino where he was defeated and lost his life on Saturday June 11,1289 for a pike to the head, his mortal remains, collected on the battlefield, they were buried, together with those of his nephew, also dead in battle, in the nearby church of Certomondo, at the foot of the castle of Poppi and found there in 2008 and attributed to him through careful scientific examinations.

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