Loquis: via Erasmo Gattamelata

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via Erasmo Gattamelata


Published on:  2019-11-25 11:08:00

  Streets of Rome

This route owes its name to Erasmus of Narni, known as Gattamelata, who was an Italian captain of Ventura at the service before Florence, then the Pope and then the Republic of Venice, from whom he was appointed captain-General. Skilled military strategist, defended the Serenissima from the attacks of the Visconti and managed to conquer Verona. Particular the characteristics of his coat of arms that during his long career assume four different styles, even if always set on two motifs, three loops (which could be three braids of hair or leather corrects) and a cat.  Also famous for the bronze equestrian statue made by Donatello on commission of the widow Giacoma Bocarini Brunori, and currently in Padua near the Basilica of the saint.

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