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via Muzio Attendolo


Published on:  2018-02-16 13:22:00

  Streets of Rome

Is named after Giacomo Attendolo this street, a leader and captain of Italian Ventura between 1300 and 1400. Nicknamed Muzio said then Sforza, he was Count of Cotignola and founder of the Sforza dynasty. The family of Father John, was of a branch of secondary nobility devoted to the rural activity and the « Craft of arms », or more probably a « principal of country » miller of the Ghibelline faction. It is narrated that one evening of 1382 the young James, while he was digging a field, saw the passing of soldiers of the company of Boldrino da Panicale for new levers. Attracted by the idea hurled the hoe high, if it had returned to the ground would have remained if it had implanted in a tree would have followed the company. The hoe got caught in an oak, James stole a horse from the father and followed the soldiers.

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