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via Gentile da Mogliano


Published on:  2020-06-10 14:55:00

  Streets of Rome

The story was quite tough with Gentile da Mogliano. Born in Fermo around the end of the ‘200 from the family of the lords from Mogliano, at the head of the troops fermane, destroys Porto d’Ascoli, starting a long dispute with Ascoli who, hired army of the Malatesti, attacks and submits some places subject to Fermo, which in the meantime Gentile becomes governor, in fact absolute lord. Defeated in Civitanova in 5 ,he comes to terms with Galeotto Malatesti, sanctioning a temporary peace in Rimini, repeatedly interrupted in following years: the papal years in Avignon and the great confusion in the political order of the Marches. Gentile submits to the pontifical authority, but then by now isolated and conquered, is exiled in 1356, he tries unsuccessfully to recover the property confiscated Fermo, sentenced to death in absentia, increasingly hunted, manages to set up a small company of fortune, giving rise to looting the castles and estates fermane.

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