Loquis: Ernesto Nathan Sindaco Inglese di Roma

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Ernesto Nathan Sindaco Inglese di Roma


Published on:  2019-07-22 15:24:00

  Famous people of Rome

It is the day of the taking of Rome.It is the end of the temporal power of the popes.An indelible day in the history of the nation: Rome is annexed to the Kingdom of Italy.It is September 20,1870. In that same year a young man arrives in the city Republican born in London from a Jewish family: Ernesto Nathan. The future mayor is five years old and is animated by a cosmopolitan, secular and anti-clerical spirit.After traveling in Europe Nathan arrives in the new capital of Italy to administer the republican magazine « La Roma del Popolo ».In 1889 he was one of the founders of the Dante Alighieri Society, he joined Freemasonry and was the capital of the new century for Rome, and in 1907 the Popular Bloc won the elections. Nathan was elected mayor and will be in charge until 1913 . He faces the risky building speculation that is looming and launches a policy that favors the construction of public works and the reclamation of the Roman « agro », dated 1909 the first city ​​planning plan.

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