Loquis: Via Cola di Rienzo, il tribuno del popolo

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Via Cola di Rienzo, il tribuno del popolo


Published on:  2019-12-06 10:59:00

  Streets of Rome

He was born in the ward rule, son of a tavern-keeper and a Magdalene in a house in front of Ponte Rotto. He becomes a notary and fights at the beginning to liberate Rome from the arrogance of the nobles and the papacy. Rome must be an autonomous municipality governed by the citizens. In May of the same year it is proclaimed Tribune and a few months later is unanimous the judgement: he is the liberator of the city. Condemned as a heretic flees to Boèmia. It's September 1353 when he returns to Rome. Times have changed, he has changed deeply. He seems prey to a delusion of omnipotence. It is no longer that young idealist born in the ward rule by a humble Roman family. He turned off in him the desire for a common justice, the United Citizens rebel, among the nobles the pillars are among the first to declare war on the last of the tribunes. The end is next. It was nine in the morning when Cola Di Rienzo was killed. It was the Rome of 1354.

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