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Caio Mario l'Homo Novus


Published on:  2019-08-01 10:45:00

  Famous people of Rome

Born from a peasant family in 157 before Christ, Gaius Mario is supported by the people who see him as an alternative to the corruption of the patricians, who immediately distinguish himself for his military merits: his competence in command of the troops has made history in the wars in Spain, in Africa and against the Germanic peoples.In a few years he was elected tribune of the plebs, quaestor, praetor and finally consul, but it was the military reform of Gaius Marius that influenced the history of Rome in an irreversible way. According to which only men with money and landed property can be enrolled, now all citizens who request it can enter the military departments of the republic.The armies are reorganized, disciplined to fatigue and subjected to hard training, on armor there is a new symbol: The Eagle.The result in terms of war power is absolute.The revolution of Gaius Mario will therefore give rise to a new force a social.

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