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via del pago triopio


Published on:  2018-02-12 08:36:00

  Streets of Rome

The road is of an ancient constitution and must be traced back to Herodes Atticus in 60 before Christ. Herod received a great estate from his wife.When his wife died, Herod was accused by his brother-in-law of having murdered her, and underwent a trial However, the public opinion murmured that he, with his riches, had corrupted the judges, to deny these rumors Herod gave himself to incredible manifestations of mourning: he had the whole house painted black, he gave the jewels of the wife to the temples of the gods, and in his honor restored the whole fund, to which he gave the name of Triopio in memory of the famous sanctuary that Demeter, goddess of the messengers, had in the city of Cnidus in Asia minor (today is Turkey). At the same time the word Triopio recalled the name of Triopas, king of Thessaly, who according to legend had dared to cut the wood of the sacred wood to Demeter, and for this he had been punished by an insatiable hunger that had brought him to death. Maybe, in the intentions of Herod, this memory had to keep away the bad guys who had approached to steal or to damage their property.

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