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via del muro torto


Published on:  2018-02-10 12:32:00

  Streets of Rome

In the late Republican era was built the so-called Murus ruptus, inserted in the Aurelian walls halfway between Piazza del Popolo and Porta Pinciana. Muro Torto owes its name to the fact that the walls in this section were inclined as if to collapse. It seems that general Belisario during the Gothic siege had proposed to rebuild those walls but the Romans opposed it by saying that St. Peter himself had promised to watch over that place. There are even those who believe in the legend of the apparitions of the ghost of Nero, who apparently had been buried here. However the place has always had a name left and they were buried here the corpses of prostitutes and the unrepentant sentenced to death. During the Napoleonic occupation the walls were used for some executions.

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