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vicolo monte del grano


Published on:  2018-02-10 10:41:00

  Streets of Rome

There is the ancient history of a seizure by punishment of a large quantity of wheat that, in antiquity, could not be collected on holidays being strictly forbidden.  Also nearby are the mausoleum of wheat, by Alessandro Severo, Roman Emperor. It is the third mausoleum, in order of magnitude, of Rome, the third burial mound after the Mole Adriana and the mausoleum of Augustus. It was built as a semi-underground stone building, covered by an artificial hill surmounted by vegetation, on the example of the Etruscan and then Roman-Imperial mausoleums. It was once part of a vast necropolis in a suburban area. At present it looks like a hillock about twelve feet high, abandoned and somewhat hidden by modern palaces next to the Seventies.

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