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vicolo del forno


Published on:  2018-02-09 10:53:00

  Streets of Rome

In the eighteenth century, around the Fontana di Trevi square to the noble residences was approached a smaller building made up of buildings and houses open on the ground floor of shops. On the square, in 1740, there was the presence of a dyeing, a slaughterhouse and an oven, the same that gave the toponym to an alley, with no exit, still existing, limited to the left by the Hotel Fontana - born in the thirteenth century as a monastery and became a hotel in the second half of the eighteenth century - and located right next to the entrance of the Via delle Muratte. The main entrance to the old and famous oven is announced today by a long sign with imposing Roman letters.The plate stands on the door of the grocery store Giovanni Riposati, a shop that has a magnificent oven mouth on refractory majolica with a lot of date of manufacture: 1870. Before 1870 the bakery not always supplied with an oven was carried out by an « Orzarolo », or « Gricio », romanesque terms referred to the traders who practiced the White Art. Filippo Chiappini wrote in his Roman Vocabulary that the Orzarolo sold bread, pasta, flour, oil, soap, crockery and even zaganelle - small cartoons full of gunpowder - and firecrackers. The orzaroli came mostly from the high Lombardy and were laborious men, but very greedy. The Grici, however, came from Valtellina, a territory near the Grisons .

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