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piazza capo di ferro


Published on:  2018-02-07 14:46:00

  Streets of Rome

There was a Capodiferro family that gave birth to Cardinal Girolamo Capo di Ferro who placed his house here. Hence the name. After the death of Cardinal Calpo, the palace was bought by Cardinal Bernardino Spada. You can see the crest of the sword at the entrance of the palace that in fact today is known as Palazzo Spada. In front of the entrance of the building there is a fountain formed by a lion's head that pours water into a sarcophagus from the mouth. Inside the niche is placed the wooden silhouette of a female erma painted with monochrome, from whose breasts come two jets of water. This fountain is to remember another one with the same subject, existing before, which had been realized probably on the design of Borromini and disappeared since the eighteenth century.

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