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via delle botteghe oscure


Published on:  2018-02-07 14:24:00

  Streets of Rome

The way originates from the fact that the old shops had been derived from deep caverns and without any source of light, that during the Middle Ages were located in the ruins of the theatre of Balbo The road signs indicate that the street owes its name "to the once half-buried arches of the theatre and the Crypt of « Balbo « . In the Second World War it became known for the seat of the Italian Communist Party (the so-called « Bottegone ») at number 5. The building was built after the demolition of 1938 on land already occupied by buildings belonging to the family Margani .  At number 31 of the street is the entrance to the public of the museum site of Crypta Balbi. Of front, at number 32, there is the entrance of Palazzo Caetani of the first half of the sixteenth century built by Alessandro della Mattei family, from 1963 seat of the foundation Camillo Caetani.

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