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via bocca di leone


Published on:  2018-02-07 13:08:00

  Streets of Rome

The assumptions of the name are two. The first takes its origin from the water pipes that here passed and carried in the Rome the water of the aqueduct of Trevi, in the area Nomentana, whose source was called « Bocca di Leone ». The second from a stone lion's head with jaws open in the act of devouring something, which was placed in a palace at the beginning of the aforementioned street, like a manhole similar to the mouth of truth. This street saw a great way go as a place of arrival and parking of the carriages that came from the north and that brought strangers to the Spanish Steps. Here is the famous hotel of England, where Vincenzo Gioberti wrote the famous letter to the Romans, and where seven years later there came Pope Pius the Ninth to visit His Majesty Don Pedro, King of Portugal; Edoardo Fabbri made the deliveries of President of the Council of Ministers in September 1848 to Pellegrino Rossi.

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