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via arco de' banchi


Published on:  2018-02-06 17:52:00

  Streets of Rome

Connects via Paola to Via del Banco di Santo Spirito and in ancient times it led to a widening that the rich banker Agostino Chigi had in the back of a wall closing it, thus creating a courtyard that was in fact called « Cortile dei Chigi ». The banker had here not only his desk but also his residence, which stood on the left of those who entered the courtyard and, incorporating the Arch, overlooked the Via dei Banchi. Naturally, the apartment was famous for its extraordinary luxury: a reporter of the era tells of inlaid beds of ebony, gold and precious stones, gold-embroidered beds, frescoes, paintings, statues and tapestries. The road was then blocked by a chain and therefore called « via della Catena di Banchi » and, later, also « Fontanella de Banchi for a water supply that was there ». In the left foot the Arch preserves what can be considered the oldest tombstone existing in Rome on the floods of the Tiber, because it bears the date and level of the tremendous flood occurred on November 7,1277.

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