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piazza del paradiso


Published on:  2018-02-06 17:53:00

  Streets of Rome

It takes its name from one of the oldest medieval inns in Rome, the « Locanda del Paradiso », actually constituted by two adjoining but separate structures, called « Il Paradiso Grande » the one and « Il Paradiso Miccinello » or « Piccolo » the other. The most ancient property known dates back to 1445, with such a Pirrone owner of the « Grande » and Francesco of the « Piccola », until 1790 when the Inn is downgraded and the « Piccola » is no longer mentioned. The building that housed the two inns at the number 46 and 47, until a few years ago still retained the inscription « ANTICA LOCANDA DEL PARADISO », while today, following a recent renovation, nothing is more visible.

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