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campo dè fiori


Published on:  2018-02-06 17:53:00

  Streets of Rome

It owes its name to the daisies, to the poppies, to the « myosotis », to the meadow flowers, which once adorned the square, closed on one side by a row of halls belonging to the Orsini family and on the other sloping towards the Tiber. When in 1478 the market of the Capitol, in Piazza del Mercato, was moved to Piazza Navona, investing, so, all the surrounding area, Campo de ' Fiori included, this became an important business center. There were numerous hotels, inns and Inns with the most diverse names, « of the ship », « of the Moon », « of the Angel », « of the Staircase » and the most famous of all, the « Inn of the Cow », located at the numbers 11-14 of the near Vicolo del Gallo and managed, in the second part of Sixteenth, from Cattanei, the mistress of Pope Alessandro the Sixth Borgia and mother of Lucrezia, Caesar, Juan and José, all born in this palace, on which you can still see the coat of arms of Vannozza (in photo 1).

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